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Stainless steel Glass sliding door hardware

Stainless steel Glass door hardware GD12

Product Description
Sliding door type: Partition Door
Position: Interior
Type: Sliding door
Surface finishing: satin Finished
Model Number: GD12
Hardware material: SS304
Pipe size: 2000mm
Pipe THK: 2mm
Pipe dia: 25mm
Glass:not included
Roller allowable weight:150KG
Is_customized: Yes

Note: Hardware Only! No Door Panel

Hardware information:
Material: SS304
Surface finish: satin finish

200cm single door kits:
Roller 2pcs
Rail 200cm *1pc
Rail holder  4pcs
Stopper 2pcs
End piece 2pcs
Floor guide 1pcs
H handle 1pair

400cm single door kits:
Roller 4pcs
Rail  200cm *1pc
Rail holder 4pcs
Stopper 4pcs
End piece 2pcs
Floor guide 2pcs
H handle 2pair

Standard Hollow track size:
Length: 2000mm
Diameter: 25mm
Thickness: 2mm

Door handle information:
Item: H001
Length: 400mm
Center hole to hole length: 300mm
Diameter of tube: 25mm

Stainless steel Glass sliding door hardware

Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware

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