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Bathroom Planner - Planning Your Bathroom

Planning a bathroom can appear daunting at times, but with a bathroom planner, a bathroom specialist and a reputable manufacturer like Caroma by your side, it's almost as easy as taking a bath. Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it does need some planning. Your bathroom must be practical and relaxing, functional and comfortable. The ideal bathroom should create the perfect space in which to indulge both body and mind.

What to consider in your bathroom planner

Bathroom Planning - Setting a budget
Setting a budget is the first and important consideration when building or renovating your bathroom. This should be clearly noted in your bathroom planner as it is used as a guide when selecting your bathroom products.

Today, most manufacturers offer a range of bathroom products to suit all budgets. However, when it comes to choosing fixtures and fittings, like all products, you get what you pay for. Caroma guarantees quality and performance in their products you select.

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Bathroom Planning - Spatial considerations
The key to good bathroom design is how you use the space and functionality of the bathroom facilities. Look at your existing bathroom or the space you plan to allocate to your new one. Look at the position, of the basic fixtures. If they are squashed together in a cramped space, consider separating certain facilities. Perhaps there is space elsewhere for a small washroom and/or toilet? This is where a bathroom planner comes in handy. Create drawings of your bathroom and map out the facilities on your bathroom planner.

While you're at it, look at the overall facilities for washing throughout the house and ask yourself whether they meet your needs today and, just as importantly, whether they will still be adequate in a few years?time. Caroma products last a lifetime.  

Also, consider dividing a large bedroom to provide an en-suite facility, especially if you are catering for a large family. Consult the bathroom experts ?a qualified plumber or builder will be able to assist with your current situation and advise on the options available.

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Bathroom Planning - Practical constraints and requirements

Once you have considered all the possibilities and noted them in your bathroom planner, you need to look closely at the room as it stands. If you are renovating an existing bathroom, the most important thing to consider is the layout of existing water pipes, sewage outlets and ventilation ducts. This will determine how much scope you have in moving your fixtures to free up more space or to style a whole new interior. Take advice from your bathroom specialist on local water and building regulations before making any major plans. If moving fixtures is an option, try to keep the main elements close to their original supplies to minimize the restructuring costs involved.

On a practical level you need to ask yourself whether your wall and floor surfaces are suitable for a hot steamy bathroom environment and whether you have adequate ventilation. Finally, pay attention to the finer details such as storage, taps, accessories and other finishing touches. Make sure you have adequate space to store all the items a busy bathroom requires. Remember that the right taps will complete the perfect picture, the wrong ones will look out of place. Note all these bathroom tips in your bathroom planner.
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Bathroom Planning - Look and Feel

The planning is the most important part! You bathroom's look and feel is just as important. Get it right before you begin the work to save you a lot of headaches later on.

Add all your ideas in your bathroom planner. Take inspiration from websites, magazines, books and catalogues and tear out pictures. This is where the bathroom planner will help condense all your ideas and give you a visual plan for how you would like your room to look.

Once you have a clear picture of the look you are aiming for, it is time to get out there and see what is available. Visit local bathroom showrooms, Home Ideas Centres & Concepts Centres and check out sample displays for ideas. You will also get useful ideas on layout and finishing touches by visiting show homes on new housing developments. Spend plenty of time looking around before you buy. Oh and take your bathroom planner with you everywhere.  

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Bathroom Planning - Style & Colour
Bathroom renovation starts with the choice of a style and colour scheme. The overall theme of your home should drive the style you choose for your bathroom. White remains the most popular colour choice for bathrooms. However, bolder colours are also finding their way into this space through paint and tiles. To ensure your bathroom has a timeless look and feel, consider starting with a neutral base and adding touches of colour through your choice of accessories, fixtures and fittings. Get colour swatches and add them to your bathroom planner. It's important you choose the right colours.

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Bathroom Planning - Fixtures & Fittings
With so many different elements making up the bathroom space knowing where to start can be a little daunting. Research indicates that tiles tend to be the first product selected, followed closely by the vanity unit and then the tapware. From here, the toilet, bath, shower, and accessories are then chosen. Shop around for the best fixtures and fittings and note them in your bathroom planner. Caroma's bathroom fixtures and fittings are the best buy for quality and durance.

Planning Bathroom Layouts - Tiles

Tiles are a top choice for bathrooms, offering a fresh, hygienic option with plenty of decorative potential. Often found on both floors and walls, the tiles you choose will set the tone for your entire bathroom renovation. Today there is a seemingly limitless range of tiles to choose from in different colours, shapes, sizes and materials.

?Consider ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or glass

?Neutral colours are timeless, medium shades warm up the room
?Accent tiles add a splash of colour and vibrance

Tiles can make or break the look of the bathroom. Research and shop around for the perfect tiles for your bathroom. Be sure to add the details to your bathroom planner.

Planning Bathroom Layouts  - Vanity Units

Your choice of vanity unit ultimately depends on the size of your bathroom and your family, as well as the number of bathrooms in your home.

?Wall basins with pedestal or shroud are ideal for small bathrooms
?Semi-recessed or above-counter basins allow extra storage space
?Multiple basins are ideal for multiple users and add a sense of luxury

Your choice of vanity unit should go hand in hand with your choice in tapware. It�s important that these two elements match both visually and practically. Tapware options for basins include three piece sets consisting of an outlet and two taps, or mixers which are becoming increasingly popular as they allow flow and temperature control to be adjusted in one easy motion. Note the style and colour for your vanity unit in your bathroom planner.
Planning Bathroom Fittings - Tapware

Nothing makes a bathroom sparkle more than beautiful new tapware. In comparison to other fixtures and fittings found in the bathroom, tapware is a relatively low cost option that can be easily incorporated to improve the overall look of the room.

Today a huge range of tapware styles are available to make your choice seem almost limitless. Caroma research indicates that when it comes to bathroom tapware, consistency is the key. The aim is to create the look of a suite within this space and that means stylistically everything from the basin to the shower and the bath should match. With most Caroma ranges offering complete bathroom collections, it�s easy to do just that.

?Basin tapware should set the style for all other tapware
?Mixers allow excellent water flow and temperature control
Planning Bathroom Fittings - Bath

Baths tend to occupy a large of amount of space in the bathroom. For those with plenty of room, today�s trend is large and luxurious tubs designed for indulgence.

Jetted baths help create a spa experience, while large soaking tubs are great for peaceful relaxation. For those with space constraints, the bath tub needs to be large enough to still be comfortable. Consider a corner tub as an alternative to an elongated one.

?Choose the bath shape and size perfect for your space
?From large and luxurious to jetted corner baths, the trend is indulgence

?Ensure taps ?wall or tub mounted are easy to reach

Planning Bathroom Fixtures - Showers
Use your bathroom planner to collect details of the a range of showers and shower fixture products. Get the choose the right showers and shower fixtures to suit your bathroom and family

Showers are not just for getting clean anymore. It�s all about relaxation, comfort and using water to rejuvenate the body and the soul. The shower has become a personal retreat and it should be customised to suit your needs. While the traditional stall remains popular, the trend is toward showers built for two and open plan showers without doors.
Popular shower varieties include the following:

?Showers on rail
?Hand showers
?Fixed showers
?Rain showers

While the look of your shower is important, its performance ultimately impacts comfort and convenience. The measure of what we deem to be a comfortable shower is clearly linked to water pressure and delivery. High quality aerators ensure that Caroma showers deliver the best possible spray pattern for maximum coverage in the shower.

Planning Bathroom Fixtures- Toilets

While the toilet remains a utilitarian fixture in the bathroom, its design has certainly stepped up with plenty of styles, shapes and sizes now available.

Two piece toilets have a separate bowl and tank and offer the greatest range of designs and installation flexibility. Compact wall-hung and in-wall European inspired toilets are becoming increasingly popular because of their sleek, contemporary look. The Caroma Invisi?Series II range is a great example of toilet suites where the plumbing and cistern are cleverly concealed behind the wall for an integrated streamlined look that saves space in your bathroom.

To optimise water usage, consider a dual flush or low flush toilet. Dual flush toilets feature two different buttons to give you the option of a half or full flush of the water in the cistern. Low flush toilets take water saving one step further by using significantly less water per flush than a conventional toilet. Innovative Smartflush?toilet suites exclusive to Caroma and Fowler reduce the full flush water requirement down to just 4.5 litres helping the average home save up to 35,000 litres of water per year compared to a 11L single flush toilet suite.

?Choose from toilet suites, space-saving wall-faced or streamlined wall-hung styles
?Dual or low flush toilets optimise water usage, therefore savings
?Award-winning Caroma & Fowler Smartflush?technology reduces a full flush to just 4.5 litres

Planning Bathroom Accessories

What better way to personalise your bathroom retreat than by selecting from the extensive range of accessories on offer.
Consider towel rails or rings, toilet roll holders and soap dishes to complement your choice of tapware. Many Caroma tapware ranges offer a selection of matching accessories to help you complete the look of your bathroom. Now My Caroma makes it easy to choose accessories for your bathroom with the help of our free bathroom planner.

Add warmth and comfort using accessories like fog free mirrors, heated towel racks and underfoot heating systems which are perfect on a cold morning.

Even entertainment has a place in today�s bathroom with televisions and MP3 players finding their way into this space. Furniture, greenery and art can also be used to turn your bathroom into a living space.
When it comes to the bathroom, anything goes and all of these extras will help beautify your space.

?Towel rails or rings, toilet-roll holders and soap dishes should suit tapware
?TVs, MP3 players, furniture, plants and art turn bathrooms into living spaces