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Sam The Bathroom Man Handy Hints

If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom,the following tips from Sam The Bathroom Man could save you a lot of money, time and heartache.
Step 1 - Know What You Want

?Know exactly what you want done to your bathroom and have a budget in mind (i.e. full scale renovation, mini makeover, replacing fixtures and fittings)

Step 2 ?Do Your Research
?Do you want to reposition any plumbing?
?Have you seen any leaks or other potential problems?
?Do you want the tiles removed and replaced?
?Is there any electrical work needed?

Step 3 ?Getting A Quote
?Always get more than one quote (3 quotes minimum)
?Quotes are free, so all it costs you is a bit of time
?Never decide on price alone
?Make sure when comparing prices that you are comparing "apples with apples"
?Check quality of materials used

Step 4 -  Finding a tradesman
?Look in local papers
?Ask friends (recommendations and word-of-mouth advertising are very helpful, people will only recommend if they were happy with their end result)

Step 5 - Choosing a tradesman
?Ask questions (how long did it take? did they leave your premises clean and tidy? what was the quality of the workmanship?)
?Do a license check (call department of fair trading - different bodies in every state - do they have any existing claims against them? etc)
?Are they insured?
?Are they licensed in the correct categories?
?Are the other tradesmen they are proposing to use (i.e. tillers, electricians) also licensed?
?Ask for references or get them to show you previous jobs
?Never feel pressured to make a decision on the spot, take your time if you need to

Step 6 ?Get A Firm Commitment
?Make sure your quote includes an estimated start and finish date
?Get everything in writing

Step 7 ?Selecting Your Products
?Check your quote to see if it includes any fixtures and fittings
?Select your products carefully
?Make sure the selected products comply with various state and federal government standards in relation to water saving and energy efficiency
?Read the warranties that come with each product you select
?Check the quality, the brand, the spare parts availability
?If your quote includes all products, make sure you ask for all the warranty papers
?Why not visit a bathroom selection centre for ideas (i.e. Home Ideas Centre or Caroma Dorf Concepts Centre)

Step 8 ?Trust Your Instinct
?If the price is right but the feeling is wrong, trust your judgment
?Make sure you feel comfortable with your selected renovator. Remember, this person will be working in your home. You want to trust them completely.

Step 9 ?Identify Your Role
?Are you going to do any prep work or is the renovator doing it all?
?If they are doing everything, remember, they are working for you.
?You have a right to demand high standards.
?It's your money, your bathroom.

Step 10 ?Job Completion
 ?Make sure all rubbish is removed
?Make sure all fixtures and fittings have been tested (check them more than once over a few days)
?All jobs are under warranty. If you have any problems, contact the renovator first.
?Make sure all rubbish is removed